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“I am pleased to say the experience of changing the Hall insurance has been stress free ... I took advantage of the free valuation to ensure that the Hall was adequately insured which went ahead without any difficulties. The insurance was 30% cheaper than our existing insurance. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to other village halls."
Mr Les Davies, Castleton Village Hall

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Free buildings insurance valuation

It’s important to remember that as trustees the members of the management committee have a duty under charity law to insure the charity’s assets and liabilities and may be personally liable if they fail to do so.

The sum insured on buildings should represent the current cost of rebuilding plus an allowance for professional fees and the cost of clearing the site. Failure to insure for the full value may result in partial settlement of a claim.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it but don’t worry because we’re here to help you.

One unique benefit of taking out a policy with Insure Your Village Hall is that, if you agree to a three year undertaking to stay with Insure Your Village Hall, we will provide a free buildings insurance valuation for the purposes of confirming your buildings sum insured, which will enable us to ensure you are insured for the correct amount. Upon the inception of your policy a buildings insurance valuation will be prepared by the professionals at Cotton Thompson Cole Limited which will enable us to make sure that you’re insured for the correct amount.

No differential pricing

A differential pricing strategy means that some customers pay less for the same product than others. This is often the case where new customers are offered inducements and discounts that are not available to existing customers.

At Insure Your Village Hall we think that price differentiation represents price discrimination and that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally. That’s why we employ one pricing model for ALL of our clients no matter how long you’ve been with us.

Wide ranging cover

At Insure Your Village Hall we want to move away from multiple policies. Some providers will give you a Village Hall policy then add on separate policies for Special Events, Trustee Indemnity and Cancellation and Abandonment. Not only is this an outdated approach but it makes your job as a committee more difficult when dealing with 4 policies with 4 renewal dates and 4 sets of paperwork.

We understand that isn’t the right approach so we have decided you can have all these covers as options in just one policy, with one insurer.

Competitive pricing

At Insure Your Village Hall we’re constantly checking our prices against those of our competitors to make sure that the price we offer you remains highly competitive.

We don’t offer ‘special’ deals or limited-time offers to try and lure you in; we will offer you our best price first time, guaranteed!

Personal service

At Insure Your Village Hall you’re not just another policyholder or another number, you’ll have a dedicated contact at all times throughout your policy term.

We’re here to make sure that you receive the best possible service. We’re a small but perfectly formed team all of whom pride ourselves on our customer service. We know that it’s our shop window and so we’re here to help in any way we can. We’re never happy unless you are!

Discounts for Hallmark accreditation

A discount is available for village halls who achieve accreditation under Hallmark, the ACRE quality standards scheme for village halls.

Having Hallmark accreditation demonstrates that the hall's management committee is managing its hall well and in recognition of this we offer a 5% discount to halls achieving Hallmark 1, 10% to those achieving Hallmark 2 and 15% to those achieving Hallmark 3.

*subject to full terms and conditions available on request